What to do First if Injured at Work

If you have a work accident, you should first immediately report it to your supervisor and ask that a report be made. You should then choose a doctor to treat your Georgia workers’ comp injury. In many cases the employer will direct you to go to a specific doctor they have chosen. However, the law states that if the employer has posted a panel of 6 physicians, you are the one that has a right to choose a doctor from that panel of doctors. The Hendon Law Firm, LLC has the experience to help you choose the best doctor from the panel. If the panel of physicians is not posted or is not valid, you can choose any physician.

Again, The Hendon Law Firm, LLC can assist you in finding the best doctor in your area to treat your problem. This is no small issue. Workers’ comp cases are won or lost based upon the authorized treating physician’s opinion. You should call The Hendon Law Firm, LLC now for help in finding a great Georgia workers’ compensation doctor.

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