Labor Contractor Found Liable for Employee Abuse

Global Horizons, a labor contractor with headquarters in California, was found liable for abuses inflicted on Thai workers at six farms in Hawaii. A lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on in 2011, alleging that employees who worked at the farms endured insufficient pay, meager meals, and depleted housing in addition to allegations of threats with guns and of workers being thrown against walls.

Labor Contractor Found Liable for Employee AbuseA trial date has been set for November 18, 2014 to determine how much Global Horizons will pay and to evaluate new measures that will be implemented to protect workers.

Anna Park, an attorney at the EEOC said, “The judge’s granting of judgment for liability vindicates the rights of the multitude of Thai farm workers who survived inhumane abuses and discrimination at the hands of their employers, who controlled not only their working conditions but where they lived, what they could eat and the basic right to move around freely.”

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