Georgia Business Cited by OSHA for Workplace Safety Violations

Several Georgia employers have been investigated and cited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for violating rules enforcing workplace safety.  One of the companies cited belongs to James Marlowe, doing business as DHC Contracting in Statesboro, GA.  DHC Contracted was cited for not utilizing sidewall cave-in protection in an excavation trench more than five feet deep.  Cave-in protection ensures workers will not get crushed or trapped if the ground gives way.  Penalties of $57,900 have been proposed against DHC Contracting.

“James Marlowe was at the work site watching his employees work in an unprotected excavation and recognized the hazardous condition that existed, but didn’t take action to protect them from being engulfed and crushed by a wall collapse,” said Robert Vazzi, OSHA’s area director in Savannah. “For an employer to knowingly disregard the lives of their workers is unconscionable.”

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