Bumble Bee Foods Faces Fine After Employee Death

California based Bumble Bee Foods along with two employees have been formally charged by Los Angeles for violating safety regulations after the October, 2013 death of an employee.  Jose Molena was working inside of a pressurized steam cooker when another employee neglectfully loaded the 35 foot long oven with tuna and turned it on, killing Mr. Molena.  Two hours after the oven was turned on, Mr. Molena’s body was found inside the pressure cooker that had reached a temperature of 270 degrees. Tuna

The two managers who were charged each face potential jail sentences and Bumble Bee Foods is looking at a maximum fine of $1.5 million.  Bumble Bee Foods has since appealed the fine and claims that since Mr. Molena’s death, significant changes have been made to its safety program.  Previous OSHA citations related to oven use have been levied on the company in the past and they have paid $74,000 in fines.


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