Trucking Accidents in Georgia

Large trucks also known as semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, or big rigs, account for 7 percent of the vehicles involved in fatal crashes. 86% of those killed and 77% of those injured in these collisions with tractor trailer trucks are the drivers or occupants of the smaller passenger vehicles. The trucker often escapes with minor injuries and continues on with his life. Fatalities in tractor trailer accidents increased 8.7% in 2010 according to the National Highway Safety Administration.

These tractor trailer accidents occur for a number of reasons, many of which involve negligence on the part of the truck driver and/or the tractor trailer truck company. At The Hendon Law Firm, LLC, we have the experience to handle all types of tractor trailer or trucking accidents in Georgia including those caused by:

  • Semi truck driver fatigue
  • Reckless truck driving
  • Trucker speeding
  • Truck tire defect or tire blowout
  • Failure to maintain truck brakes or equipment
  • Trailer defects or failure
  • Rollover tractor trailer accidents in Georgia
  • Overweight trucks
  • Improper loading or weight shift
  • Failure to follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

The Hendon Law Firm, LLC will aggressively pursue the evidence that the tractor trailer companies want to keep secret. This evidence is what is needed to pursue the largest jury verdicts from these companies.

These companies do not volunteer that they negligently hired, trained, and retained a bad truck driver. These companies do not readily admit that they have not been diligent in following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as required by federal law. This evidence will have to be pried out of them by a Marietta truck accident law firm that will not take “no” for an answer -The Hendon Law Firm, LLC.

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