The Deadliest Highway in the Nation

If you have ever wondered what stretch of road has the most serious and deadly car and truck wrecks in America, you need look no further than our home town of Atlanta, Georgia.

National Highway Safety Administration data shows that Interstate 285 (I-285) is the nation’s deadliest expressway. While other roads may have had more total accidents or deaths, I-285 had more deaths per mile than any other. studied the number of fatal accidents per 10 miles of interstate and found that in 2013, I-285 which is less than 75 miles long had 3.5 fatal accidents per mile, which was the worse in the nation. The second worse was I-710 in California. Auto accidents killed 32,719 people in the United States in 2013 or about 90 people a day.

Comment by Attorney Zack Hendon:

These statistics show what many living in the greater Atlanta area including Marietta and Buckhead already suspected. Our roads are a very dangerous place. If you have ever driven on I-285, you know that cars often travel at 80 to 90 miles per hour. The margin of error is greatly reduced at these speeds.

In addition, the law requires tractor trailer trucks that are not making deliveries within the City of Atlanta to use the perimeter road I-285 to go around and not through the City. More trucks on the road traveling at excessive highway speeds are a recipe for disaster. Of course the stopping distant for tractor trailer trucks is much greater than that of passenger cars so if an accident occurs, the car may stop but the big truck cannot.

When you then mix in all the busy people looking at their cell phones and texting, it is amazing the death rates are not higher. I hope you always drive undistracted and wear your seatbelts.

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