FMCSA Proposed Rule Would Create a Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last month announced a proposed rule that would create a drug and alcohol clearing house for all CDL (commercial driver’s license) holders.  The goal of establishing the database is to simplify the process of determining whether or not a driver is legally able to operate a commercial vehicle.  Employers will have access to any failed tests or instances of an individual’s refusal to submit to testing.

Employers would also be required to do a pre-employment test and test all employees annually.   Drivers must consent to the testing and drivers who refuse to submit to the testing may still be hired/employed but may not work in safety-sensitive positions including operating a commercial vehicle.

Too often, semi-truck and tractor trailer drivers have caused serious accidents, failed drug and alcohol tests and have been rehired as drivers.  Safer highways for all drivers are critical and this proposed rule should help keep unsafe tractor trailer and other commercial drivers off of our roads.

For more information, visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations website at

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