Atlanta Tractor Trailer Rollover Wrecks

In Monday’s edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, veteran traffic reporter Mark Arum discussed tractor trailer/semi-truck rollovers in Georgia and the top five trouble spots for these serious accidents.  In his column, Arum notes that there have been 212 rollover type accidents involving semi trucks from 2001 to 2012.  The top five trouble spots for tractor trailer wrecks are as follows:Atlanta Tractor Trailer Wreck

-The intersection of 285 and 75 on the South end of the perimeter.

-The intersection of 285 and 20 on the East side in Dekalb County.

-The intersection of 285 and 85 in South Fulton County.

-The intersection of 95 and 16 in Savannah.

-The intersection of 285 and 85 at Spaghetti Junction ion Dekalb County.

Arum blames rollover type eighteen wheeler accidents on one thing:  truck drivers taking turns much too quickly.

To read Mark’s column, visit:

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