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The Atlanta highways have become increasingly dangerous places to drive. Most people have grown accustom to using the term “accident” to describe a collision between motor vehicles. However, the word “accident” is really too nice a word to describe a violent crash between cars that is caused by the preventable negligence of another.

When injuries or fatalities occur because of these auto or truck wrecks, a personal injury lawsuit is often the only way of making the negligent person and his or her insurer accept responsibility for the injuries and damages. Negligence can occur in too many ways to list but a few common ones include:

  • Risk taking which causes a failure to yield of way or running a red light;
  • Distracted driving due to texting or talking on cell phones;
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions;
  • Impaired driving due to the influence of alcohol or drugs;


Even if you know the collision was the other driver’s fault, you can expect the insurance adjuster and later an experienced insurance defense attorney to find a reason to blame you for all or part of the car crash. The insurer of the at-fault driver will start gathering evidence immediately after the auto accident.

It is very important for you to hire an experienced automobile accident attorney to gather evidence for you as well. It is also important that you not speak to the adjuster or give a recorded interview. The Hendon Law Firm, LLC will immediately start gathering evidence and preparing your case for trial. Accident investigation and trial preparation often includes:

  • reviewing police crash reports
  • ordering and reviewing police dash camera videos and traffic cam videos
  • interviewing witnesses
  • reviewing driving or criminal records of the parties
  • gathering past and present medical records and bills
  • meeting with police officers, physicians, accident/crash reconstruction experts and other experts.


During this investigation process, Zack Hendon will require the insurance companies to disclose the extent of the coverage available. Only after the assets available for recovery and the extent of your injuries are known, can the appropriate settlement demand can be made on the negligent driver and his or her insurer. If the insurance company does not pay what the case is worth, a lawsuit will be filed and the case will be prepared for trial by a jury.

Zack Hendon handles both workers’ comp and auto wreck cases. If you have an Atlanta car wreck while at work, you could have both types of these cases going on simultaneously. In such an event, it is important to have an attorney who can handle both workers’ comp and auto or truck accident claims at one firm. Call Zack now for a free consultation.

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“Zack and Rose are like Batman and Robin... A tag team super duo. They took the reins during my work injury which was a real tense and sometimes stressful situation, and made sense of it all. They were always available, attentive, and took the time to explain things that I just didn't understand during the entire process. I would gladly recommend the Hendon Law firm first for your legal needs. They worked for me.”
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