This iPhone Tip May (Actually) Save Your Life

You can use the Health App on your iPhone to help emergency first responders contact your family in case of a medical emergency.  The best part is that this information is accessible even if your phone is locked.  Creating a Medical ID is super easy!


First go to the Health App.  The Health App’s icon has a heart on it like this and the app now comes installed free on (many) iPhones.


From Inside the Health App, go to the Medical ID button that looks like this:


On the Medical ID page you can add names and numbers from your contacts to your Emergency Contacts list.


You can also include information about any medical/health issues you have, allergies, blood type, etc.


Now, your emergency contacts and pertinent medical information are available to any emergency medical personnel or hospital staff.  This information may prove to be useful if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation and unable to communicate.

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