Construction Co. Fined in Employee’s Death at Work

A construction firm out of Anchorage, Alaska is challenging a hefty fine levied against the company after the death of an employee.  Samuel Morgan was just 23 years old and working in a 7 foot deep trench on the date of accident.  The crew that was working near the trench was laying pipe when the side of the trench collapsed burying Mr. Morgan at the waist. Co-workers used two excavators in an attempted to free Morgan and inadvertently caused his death.

A state investigation revealed that Hartman Construction employees violated several guidelines regarding trench work by not using appropriate tools to prevent collapse and by not possessing ladders that would have allowed the trapped employee to exit the trench safely.

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development fined the company $560,000.  A public hearing is scheduled for October 5 before the Alaska OSHA board.

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