Will Your Auto Insurance Be There When It Matters Most?

The average person is involved in an auto accident every 17.9 years, which means you’re almost guaranteed three to four car  or semi-truck accidents in your lifetime. You will then dig out that annoying auto insurance renewal statement you’ve been ignoring every year, confident that you have full coverage. But that’s when many people realize that the “full coverage” they thought they had can still leave them exposed to runaway medical bills, lost wages or even the expenses of another party.

Before the odds catch up to you, you should know if you are covered and how best to choose a policy that will protect you when it matters most.

Hiring an attorney to represent you and protect your rights is vital. Give The Hendon Law Firm a call today at 770-284-3737 if you’ve been injured in a car wreck or tractor trailer accident.

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