Airbag Recall Expanded

Three additional car makers have been added to the extensive Takata airbag recall list.  The National Highway Safety administration has just added Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen to the list of vehicles affected by the faulty airbags.

car accidentThe Takata airbag recall began in 2008 after several deaths were attributed to faulty airbags systems that propelled the metal pieces of the airbag inflators into vehicles as they were activated.  Sadly, a tenth victim, from Georgia, was killed in December while driving in South Carolina after the Takata airbag in his Ford Ranger failed to deploy properly.

The recall list is lengthy and continues to expand.  The NHTSA has a VIN look up here that you are encouraged to use as the recall covers 19 million vehicles and spans 12 car makers.


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