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Georgia Injury Attorney Zack HendonWelcome to The Hendon Law Firm, LLC blog. I will be discussing topics of interest to injured workers and persons injured in automobile and tractor trailer accidents in Georgia over the coming months and years. I will bring you interesting developments, trials, appellate decisions and news on these topics. I will also encourage you to search the my website, Hendon Law Firm where you will find useful information for choosing a Georgia workers’ compensation and Georgia truck accident injury attorney.

Experience That Delivers

With over 20 years of experience as in-house trial counsel with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, I hope you will find I am an attorney who is uniquely qualified to represent Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia injured workers and Georgia truck accident victims. In February 2007, I opened my law firm, The Hendon Law Firm, LLC which specializes in representing injured workers before the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation and in representing Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia truck wreck victims in Georgia state and federal courts.

Whether you have a Georgia work injury case or a tractor trailer crash case, choosing the right attorney is an extremely important decision. In either type of case, my staff and I understand the difficulties you are facing as the injury victim dealing with physical disability and pain.

Workers Compensation Cases

In Atlanta area workers’ compensation cases, the injured worker is often blamed by his employer for having an accident and making insurance rates rise, even though workers’ comp is not a fault based system. This is not fair to the injured worker. You did not ask to be hurt. You now may have an injury that will affect you the rest of your life and your company wants to throw you away like a piece of worn out equipment. You need an attorney who will make your employer live up to their responsibility.

Truck Accident Injuries

Likewise if you have had a tractor trailer truck wreck, you will find that the truck company or their insurance carrier will be very nice to you at first. However, when they find out you are really hurt and will not take a small settlement, they turn mean. These negligent trucking companies will blame you – not their negligent driver, not their negligent maintenance, negligent training of drivers. You need an attorney who knows the trucking regulations and will make the trucking company pay for the lifelong injuries they have caused.

Serving Marietta and the Greater Atlanta Area

The Hendon Law Firm, LLC is the law firm in Marietta and greater Atlanta, Georgia who will work for you when you cannot work. Call The Hendon Law Firm, LLC now and discuss your case with Zack Hendon for free.

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