Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Experienced Workman's Compensation Attorney

Working For You When You Can’t Work!​

Why should you hire Zack Hendon to represent you? You should not hire just any attorney to represent you in a Georgia workers’ compensation claim. In fact, most personal injury attorneys should not be hired. You should hire an attorney that specializes in workman’s comp because workers’ compensation is governed by a completely different set of laws and rules. An attorney that knows how to do personal injury work may not have a clue as to how to handle a Georgia workers’ compensation case. Georgia workers’ compensation law is a main focus of The Hendon Law Firm, LLC.

​Additionally, you may ask why not just call one of attorneys advertising on television? Most television lawyers operate from a business model of “volume.” If you sign up with a television law firm, you may never actually talk to an attorney–most of the time you will be talking to a clerk or paralegal. At The Hendon Law Firm, LLC you will talk to Zack Hendon and you will get answers to your questions from someone with many years of experience in handling Georgia workers’ comp cases.

Experience working with Insurance Companies

For over twenty years, Zack Hendon represented Liberty Mutual, Wausau, Summit and Montgomery Insurance Companies in hundreds of Georgia workers’ compensation claims in Marietta and greater Atlanta, Georgia.

​During this time, he has handled Georgia work traumas including but are not limited to herniated discs, paralysis, amputations, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, carpel tunnel and hand injuries, rotator cuff tears, knee and foot injuries, and dependency benefits for death of the worker and many others. Because of his experience, he knows what the insurance carriers are going to do before they do.